Book Haul

Book Haul: NBS Warehouse Sale

 I went to the warehouse sale and this is what i’ve got! It was not only packed with books and supplies but also by people! The line for the cashier was crazy and disorganized.

My favorite purchase was Jandy Nelson’s The Sky is Everywhere which I got for only P100.

The Secret Library Collection was marked down to P30 from its original price of P199.50.

The Many Ways of Being Muslim caught my attention so I immediately grabbed it. It is a collection of fiction stories by Muslim Filipinos. Interesting! Got it for only P100.

I also bought A Writer’s Manual because I am so back to writing narrative reports, covering school events and blogging! Horayyyy! I think the book would be of great help. It’s P100 only!

The last one that i’ve got was a thin book titled, Letters to Bob Garon. It’s a collection of letters that was sent to Bob Garon from people who were seeking his advice. Another interesting and full of wisdom read! Plus I only got it for P35. What a steal!

The other things that I bought were supplies for my little brother. Colors and coloring books. They were all marked down to almost 80% off!

It is always a fun experience hoarding and hunting books. Never mind the chaos, sweat and long lines. All for the love of books!


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