Book Signing

Kevin Kwan in the Philippines!!!

Alamak! I just met Kevin Kwan and I cannot hide my happy feelings! He went here for the Crazy-Rich, China-Rich book tour. The tour has been going on for months and Philippines is one of his stops. We are one lucky country! So glad that there are a lot of readers here who keeps on asking authors to come by for a visit.

Kevin had two days of signing, the first day happened in BGC and the second in Alabang. The event is organized and handled by one of the major bookstores in the country, Fullybooked.

I went to the second day because I have classes to catch up to during the first day. My excitement is over the top that I didn’t care a bit if i’ll be traveling kilometers and kilometers away from Manila. In fact, I was one of the early birds. Hahaha! I arrived at exactly 8am and the bookstore is still closed.

The registration started at 10am and signing proper by 2pm. The event was opened by Kevin reading a chapter on his new book, China Rich Girlfriend, followed by a Q&A and then the meet and greet.

Kevin read Chapter 9 that involves Evangeline de Ayala and Kitty Pong. Ring a bell, guys? 🙂 I personally liked the way he reads it. He was full of emotions and the diction is so clear. I feel like the characters came to life.

During the Q&A, a lot of questions was asked by the readers. Some of which that I can remember were:
🔸 Does Tyersall Park really exists?
– Yes, it does exist.
🔸 Who was the inspiration behind the character Astrid?
– Someone Kevin knows and she’s more awesome than Astrid.
🔸 Is there going to be a third book?
– Kevin has always envisioned his work to become a trilogy, so probably, yes.
🔸 Who would he like to cast as Nick and Astrid on the upcoming movie adaptation of the Crazy Rich Asians?
– He doesn’t hold the final say about the casting but one thing is for sure, Brad Pitt would not be in the movie. (Hahaha! He really said that!)
🔸 Are the jaw dropping scenarios of living an extravagant life really exist?
– Yes. As he said, he doesn’t have an imagination in mind. All the things that happened was actually real-life. The only fiction is the characters and story itself. The things and some of the conversations in the book was either overheard or is a fact. One scene that he cited was the buying of hotel, this was in the first chapter of the first book. He said that it really did happen to one of the people he knows.

When we’re down to the signing proper, I couldn’t help but feel nervous while lining up. Maybe because of too much excitement? When I met him, he was like, “Ohhh.. Crazy Pretty Asian huh?” He was so cool, hilarious and laid-back. He’s really, really kind. You can see it in how he handled the crowd. I would love to meet him again someday.

Fun Facts:
Kevin is left-handed.
His mom doesn’t believe that there are actual people who reads his books. (So he snapped a picture of all of us during the signing)
He loves sinangag!
He does some stealth signing.
He’d been to Manila during 1997.
He was nervous that there might be no people coming to his signing when he came here.

Disclaimer: Some of the photos are Fullybooked’s.


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