Book Signing

Christine, Tarryn, Colleen in the Philippines!!!

It was September 13, 2015 when Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher and Christine Brae had a signing and a mini meet and greet at SM Megamall.

I couldn’t let the opportunity to see them pass me by so I lined up as early as 5am! There were almost a thousand of readers who flocked into the venue to see these authors.

The moment they showed up, the crowd lost it and we’ve gone crazy wild! Shouting at the top of our lungs because we couldn’t contain our excitement.

There was a brief Q&A before the signing proper began. I’ll try to fill you up with some of the questions asked and their corresponding answers.

  • Are your characters inspired by real-life? Yes. – Christine
  • How do you come up with your characters? They’re based on real people. Olivia was me on my early 20’s and there’s a real Caleb. -Tarryn
  • What happened to the real Caleb? We’re not together. -Tarryn
  • Is it true that the confessions are actually real confessions?Yes, the confessions are from my readers. -Colleen
  •  How do you write the sexy scenes? I write them then rewrite them. They all sounds so silly to me when I write them and so I usually have some readers give feedback on me because I don’t think i’m very good on the sexy scenes. -Colleen; From experience. -Christine; I have to drink a lot of wine and sit in the dark. -Tarryn 
  • Can you tell us about your process of how you got published? I didn’t even intend anyone to read my first book. I put it on Amazon as a self-published book so my grandmother could read it. She got me a Kindle for Christmas so I was researching on how I can get the story on there. Once I realized how easy it was to put my book on Amazon then I started doing a little marketing for it for four to five months later and then there were times just from word of mouth. – Colleen; I submitted The Opportunist to publishers and they told me that women would not relate to Olivia because she was too bad and I said, you’re wrong. Every woman has a villain even if she doesn’t act like it so I did it myself and I was right. -Tarryn; I just wanted to write a story and I just self-published and didn’t know that it would take off. -Christine
  • What are you working on next? I have a book coming out called November 9. -Colleen

My favorite part of the Q&A was when Colleen was asked about the progress of the Ugly Love movie and she told us that they are about to cast for Tate’s role and then Tarryn pitched in and asked if she can audition. It went on like this:

Tarryn: Can I audition?

Colleen: No.

Tarryn: Just the kissing scene! Just the kissing scene!

God! I love the humor of these two best of friends! Another favorite is when Christine told the crowd,

“Yes, you can love two people at the same time. Different kinds of love. And don’t ever feel guilty about it.”


The signing took place right after the short Q&A. Seeing them up close, hugging them and having to converse with them is the best feeling ever! I asked Christine to give some advice for aspiring writers like me and she wrote it in my book. I love how sweet and accommodating Christine is. Her smile just melts people’s hearts. It is so sweet and pure!

Tarryn wrote her favorite line from the book The Opportunist. She is so damn pretty! I couldn’t take my eyes off of her while she was signing my book.

When I got to Colleen’s table, I asked her about Mr. Vagina bread. Hahaha! Unfortunately, she left it at their hotel.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

This is one of the best days of my fangirl-ing life. Thank you, Christine for initially thinking of having a small book signing here in the PH which turned out to be one of the biggest signing events the Philippines had. Of course, thank you, National Book Store for making it happen! You made us all so happy! ❤


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