Book Signing

Keira Cass in the PH!!!

September really is bookworm’s month. After meeting CTC, I met Kiera Cass the following week and yes, that meant another round of being sleep-deprived and lining up while the sun hasn’t rise yet. But of course, no regrets! The experience is all worth it because i’ve got to hug the Queen Kiera.

I lined up by 4am and got my signing pass numbered 33. As usual, there were a lot of readers who lined up but NBS limited it to only 200 slots and then extended it to almost 500.

It was a brief signing with no Q&A. So we were only given 3-5 minutes encounter and I still managed to tell her that I loved her headpiece. She was so beautiful and fluffy that I couldn’t help but hug her.

It’s Kiera’s second time around visiting Philippines and she’s with her husband, Callaway. They look amazing together. OTP! ❤

Thank you very much, National Book Store for making this happen ❤


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