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Fall 2015 YA Scavenger Hunt

If you are one of my twitter followers, you should have noticed by now how I flooded your feed with tweets about giveaways. Sorry! I just love books especially when it’s free. Who doesn’t?!!

Going back, it’s my first time participating on YA Scavenger Hunt. It’s a bi-annual event which was first organized by author Colleen Houck. It aims to give readers some bonus contents and materials, deleted excerpts and awesome giveaways.

To take part on the hunt, you need to go blog hopping from one author to another because a clue is hidden somewhere their page and you need to add it all up to enter the main giveaway.

There are eight teams for this season and each team has 20 participant authors. You could win one book per author. SIGNED BOOK! You can also join the hunt of all teams and have the chance to take home all 160 books!

But here’s the catch, the hunt will only run for 72 hours and it’s ending on October 4, 2015! Play fast!

If you have more questions, just click here.

You’d be surprised with the amount of additional giveaways that you’ll come across the hunt. You’ll meet a lot of indie and new authors along the way too. They are all awesome! You’ll definitely miss half of your life if you won’t join this. 😂


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