Wow! Could you believe we are now down to year 2016?! Time really has wings! A lot has happened for the past year and I will always be thankful for all of those. For the good, for the experiences, for the learnings, for the bad and unfortunate events  that taught me a thing or two.

The start of the year for me is the start of thinking how distressing the coming months would be. I’d be graduating in a few months and still undecided on what to do after. I am scared of stepping out of my comfort zone, that is, school. It’s a jungle world out there, the world of reality.

So as to keep me sane and to help me collect myself as I try to reach out to more milestones this 2016, I am jotting down my bookish goals. Of course, books are always my go-to amidst all happenings/things.

  • To read my physical copies

– With the e-books sprouting here and there, it being handy and easy to read while i’m leaning down my bed with the lights off, I start to set aside the physical copies that I own. They need to be read and not just be displayed around the house so…. Must read all of them! 

  • Work on my blog’s traffic

– I started this book blog late last year and I kind of abandoned it due to the high demands of my course. So to increase views and followers and just write my heart out, I pledge to participate more on blog tours, post more book reviews and other book-relevant stuff. Also, if you guys are hosting blog tours and/or looking for reviewers, you can always contact me. I’d be grateful for that! 🙂

  • Review books on time

– this is one of my problems when it comes to reviewing books. I always wait for days before writing down important notes or my thoughts about a book and tendency is I usually forget it hence the lame reviews. Lol! So for this year, i’ll be keeping a journal intended for thoughts/ideas/notes about a book. 

  • Beautify my page

– my blog looks so dull and boring so if any of you knows someone who I can contact to tweak and help me beautify my page, don’t hesistate to put that on the comments section! 🙂

  • No hoarding of books unless all physical copies are read!

this one’s hard but i’ll try to stick to it. If temptation gets worse to worst, i’ll just opt for second hand bookstores like book sale 😀

  • Read all the books of certain authors

– this is kind of marathon reading. Some authors that are on my list are: Christine Brae, Amy Harmon, KA Tucker, Willow Aster, Colleen Hoover. Hopefully, i’ll be able to add more.

  • Widen my readings

– I plan on reading books which are out of my comfort genre. Like, Dystopia, Science Fiction and the like.

  • Collect all Mitch Albom books

– book hoarder confession 101: I dont usually have physical copies of my favorite books. Hahaha! Because mostly, they are not available here in the Philippines. Mitch Albom is on the top of the list of my favorite authors and he’s the first author that i’ve had the opportunity to meet so I will try to collect all his books before the year ends. Hardcovers!

  • Buy shelves!

– book hoarder confession 101.2: I don’t own any shelves!!! Hahaha!

  • To feature new and local authors on the blog once in a while

– I love discovering new books and meeting new authors so….

  • Work on my NetGalley account

– I still need to figure out how to use NetGalley. Hahaha! I’ll get onto this, promise!

  • Participate in book reading challenges

– this would help me read more. I already participated in the goodreads challenge and the Royal Reading Challenge hosted by Ate Elena. If you know more, i’m taking up some suggestions! 🙂

  • Tend to my bookstagram account

I shall stop saying “later”. I am so lazy when it comes to posting bookish photos. Urgh!

  • Cross post reviews

– the biggest help and greates gift we can give authors is to actually post our reviews about their books. So for this year, i’ll cross post my reviews on Anazon, Goodreads, B&N and other online bookstores/sites.

  • Visit more book-themed cafe

– yes, please! I’m on a hunt for all those bookish cafes. Coffee and books, who says no???

  • Spread my love for books

be more friendly in this book blogging community, introduce my fave books to my family and friends and help them get into reading. Spread the love for books! ❤



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    1. Same! But because of lack of time, I kind of rely on e-books. I read while on my way to office and when i’m about to sleep. I share room with my mother and they usually turn the lights off. The struggle! 😂

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