Yay to Kindle!

Just recently, I bought myself an e-reader because I deserve it. Lol! I’ve been wanting to have one since God knows when but due to: 1.) Lack of funds 2.) Expensive Amazon shipping – I find it hard to get one. Luckily, my on-the-job training pays me with a considerable amount of allowance and I also chanced upon a FB seller who retails different kinds of kindles. Also, shipping fee isn’t that high compared to Amazon’s.

I saved up my allowance and ordered the Basic Kindle 2014 edition. For now, I can only afford this. Hahaha! I was actually choosing between Kindle fire and Basic Kindle but I chose the latter for the reason that: a.) it has no apps so no distraction while reading b.) its size is just right. It’s so handy so I can bring it anywhere. Also, it fits perfectly on my bags.

When I received my package containing this, I was a bit bummed and slightly disappointed upon knowing that it has no built-in light and it is actually black and white. Que horror! (You must check reviews and specs first, self!!!) One reason I bought a kindle is for my bookstagram so I could post ebooks that i’m currently reading but eeekk! This one’s black and white. 😦 So i’m considering buying Kindle Fire after my graduation. Kindle overload! Lol.


I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about my kindle so i’ll be answering them here.

Where did you buy your kindle?

I bought them at GMeT Shoppers in FB.Β 

What mode of payment?

I paid through bank deposit.Β 

How much did you pay for it?

I paid 3900 for the device and 100 for the shipping. I got this on sale, the original price is 4,800.Β 

How do you download books?

I buy straight from Amazon, I convert my epub books to mobi format and just file transfer it to the device.Β 

What model/edition is your kindle?

Mine is Basic Kindle, 2014 ed. Firmware version: Kindle 5.6.5 (2730300038)

How long does the battery lasts?

It lasts for about 2 weeks.

Now I feel like i’m carrying a library everywhere! πŸ™‚


27 thoughts on “Yay to Kindle!

    1. Yes, it! Kindles can read docs and pdf format or if you have epub copies, you can convert them thru an app that can be downloaded on your pc but there are also online converters. 😊 Hope this helps! Hihii.

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  1. The great thing about the paperwhite with e-ink technology is that you won’t have some of the problems related with extended reading of an illuminated screen in the dark. While you cannot update your social media applications on the older or more basic Kindles, the Fire will provide almost anything you need for social media updating and surfing/e-mail/etc. I stuck with the old school Kindles forever, mainly because my first Kindle came with the free 3G. If you are an avid reader and tech user the Fire is a great investment. Congrats. πŸ˜€

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    1. I’ve been battling whether to get paperwhite ed and fire. I guess i’ll just go for the two! πŸ˜‚ They have different pros but I like that paperwhite is much more good for reading because there aren’t app distractions.

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  2. I used to have the kindle keyboard. For me that’s the best kindle ever even if it does not have a built in light. It also plays audiobooks and add music which for me is a big plus because the paperwhite don’t have that feauture. When it got broken, I bought the cheapest kindle fire. For the built it light and the audiobook feature and well because I can’t afford the paperwhite. Especially now that I earn less.

    By the way I buy through GMET too. I just love them. When you are in the philippines they are pretty awesome to buy kindles because you can save a lot in shipping.

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  3. I have the Kindle Fire HD, and it’s great by all means. However, I would rather have the Basic Kindle over it anytime since I find the tablet too distracting with all the other apps available πŸ˜‚

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  4. I bought a Kindle without a light so I bought a case that had a light in it. It worked out well until I was able to upgrade. Your library might have Kindles for checkout.

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