Book Review

Book Review: A Hold On Me

  • Title: A Hold On Me
  • Series: Dark Heart 
  • Author: Pat Esden
  • Genre: New Adult,  Romance, Paranormal
  • Publisher: Kensington Books
  • Publication Date: February 23, 2016
  • ISBN: 9781496700056
  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
  • Buy: Amazon


Synopsis Ribbon
“Annie Freemont grew up on the road, immersed in the romance of rare things, cultivating an eye for artifacts and a spirit for bargaining. It’s a freewheeling life she loves and plans to continue–until her dad is diagnosed with dementia. His illness forces them to return to Moonhill, their ancestral home on the coast of Maine–and to the family they left behind fifteen years ago, after Annie’s mother died in a suspicious accident. Once at Moonhill, Annie is shocked when her aunt separates her from her father. The next time Annie sees him, he’s a bizarre, violent shadow of his former self. Confused, she turns to an unlikely ally for support–Chase, the dangerously seductive young groundskeeper. With his dark good looks and powerful presence, Chase has an air of mystery that Annie is irresistibly drawn to. But she also senses that behind his penetrating eyes are secrets she can’t even begin to imagine. Secrets that hold the key to the past, to Annie’s own longings–and to all of their futures. Now, to unlock them, she’ll have to face her greatest fears and embrace her legacy…”

My Thoughts Ribbon

I received a digital copy of this book in exchange of honest review. (NetGalley)

A Hold On Me is about Annie’s journey to the truth that lies behind the rare and peculiar things that’s been happening to his father, her family and everything that surrounds their ancestral home, Moonhill. Annie and his father has been living away from Moonhill after her mother passed away. They lived by buying and selling antiques and arts but after Annie’s father started displaying signs of dementia, they got no choice but to go back to Moonhill. And there starts the unlocking of mysteries….

It falls under the paranormal genre and tackles about the antagonist of the creatures we have known as genies but is explained in the earlier part of the book as djinns. Upon reading that, I can’t help but be scared for a bit because we also have the same unseen creatures in our holy book. It’s actually called Jinn and I grew up hearing stories about it. It really creeps the shit out of me so I got hooked to this book from that point on.

Jinn (Arabic: الجن‎, al-jinn), also romanized as djinn or anglicized as genies, are supernatural creatures in early Arabian and later Islamic mythology and theology. An individual member of the jinn is known as a jinni, djinni, or genie (الجني, al-jinnī).

Obviously, I am very interested and intrigued with the main subject of the story which involves the genies. I got hooked the moment i’ve read that the antagonist is a genie. Not a lot of paranormal writer writes about them. Pat Esden has put a lot of thought and research on this book and I feel like i’ve learned new things aside from enjoying it. Also, this debut novel will keep you guessing, thinking and wanting for more. I feel like i’m one of the characters while I am reading the book. It is engaging and I like books that are like this.

On the characters: I love girls who can stand on their own, fight for themselves and is brave enough to let the world see who they are. That is Annie. A kickass, mature version of Nancy Drew. Very clever and keen to every details and clues the Moonhill can give. I just do not like the part where she couldn’t help but dive into Chase easily, just then and there. (This may or may not be because of the writing style. Romance was put in the background in this book. It felt like a supporting genre. If there’s such a thing.)

Chase is your typical strong, hot and would do everything to protect his love interest kind of guy. Oops! Sorry, he’s not typical, there’s something mysterious about him.

Overall: I did enjoy the book. It was better than what I expected. Though the first part bored me, it kind of dragged on the first few chapters but when the plot was introduced, I couldn’t stop reading. There were scenes which are action-packed but I want more of it, it may be good if the thrilling, would-put-you-on-the-edge of your seat scenes be distributed along the book. It also needs improvements on the world-building. I wanna know more about the genies’s realm so i’ll definitely read the sequel, if there will be.



5 thoughts on “Book Review: A Hold On Me

  1. Love the review! I can’t wait to read it although it’s a shame that the world building could have been better. Perhaps it’ll be developed in the later books (I’ve read that it’s going to be part of a series???)

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