Book Review

Book Review: La Douleur Exquise

  • Title: La Douleur Exquise
  • Author: J.R. Rogue
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Publisher: Radiant Sky Publishing Group
  • Publication Date: November 9, 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1518658556
  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
  • Buy: Amazon


Synopsis Ribbon

“What happens when you meet your soul mate at the wrong time? What happens when you meet your soul mate but you aren’t theirs? J.R. Rogue is an American contemporary poet. She wrote her first poem at the age of fifteen after falling in love with the works of Edgar Allan Poe. “La Douleur Exquise” is her debut as an author. In it she tells a tale of longing and heartache. This book is for every soul that has loved. For every lover who has tasted the unrequited kind, too many times.

My Thoughts Ribbon

La Douleur Exquise is the exquisite pain of wanting someone that you know you can never have, and knowing that you will still try to be with them. Has drug like effects. – Urban Dictionary

The title and the cover stayed true to the poems written inside the pages of this book. The beauty of the raw words cutting inside me while reading this is very gripping. I felt every sadness and pain that the author felt just by reading her words.

to write something as intricate as this, one needs courage and I commend Rogue for letting us see and feel her pain in the most beautiful way.

My favorite piece would be this one:




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