Quick update + How to break out from a reading slump

Can I just scream here for a while because finally!!! A new post from me! I have been on a hiatus for about what? One? Two months? The only thing i’ve been posting here are memes and promo post and believe me, I really, really missed blogging! I hope you do miss me and my posts too? Or no? Hahahaha! Do I even have readers here? I believe I have because look!


I have 1,184 followers and my blog reached 3,258 hits and I only have less that 60 posts! Amazing! Also, I have received my first ever physical review copy from the ever generous Diana T. Scott (which I have yet to finish because okay you suck reading slump!). 

As of now, I have tons of book reviews waiting to be drafted and posted. My blogging life went downhill the past weeks because of my terrible reading slump. I was so disgusted with myself because I couldn’t even find the motivation to read anything and every time I try to pick a book, I feel like I am reading the same paragraph over and over again for an hour. I couldn’t get a grip on it. Ugh! Reading slumps are awful and it’s also not easy to unslump. Lol.

So how did I break free from it?

I have tried a lot of ways to escape from my slump and the best one that really helped me is by reading an old favorite. I first skimmed Me Before You before watching the movie and read it all over again after watching. It was the first book that I legit finished and pow! I was already back on my grove.

I have here a few tips for you guys whenever you go through a reading slump.

  1. Read an old favorite – it’s not too late to re-read and reconnect with your favorite characters. Get to know them again and feel the nostalgia.
  2. Read a book that interests you – most of the time when we are scrolling through our bookstagram and twitter accounts, we see books that are highly raved and talked about by our bookworm friends and we get that “read pressure” (okay, I just made up that word lol) and you feel like you have to read that book because everyone is reading it and you don’t want to be left out. Stay away from that feeling and pick the book you think is what truly interests you.
  3.  Pick a book that’s light and easy read – those feel good books might just be the key, who knows? 🙂
  4. Take a break! – Of course, every now and then we need to take break so we could freshen up a bit. Take a break, do something fun aside from reading and just enjoy! Hey but not too long, okay? 🙂


*  *  *  * On Personal life and whatnots *  *  *  *

Our OJT falls on our 4th year, 2nd sem. I have already finished it 2 months before my graduation along with my other subjects. I was academically complete so when the company I interned to asked me to extend my stay a.k.a I WAS ABSORBED! I did not hesitate to take it since I have nothing else to do and it pays well (for an undergrad lol). Graduation came and they keep on extending my stay but my pay rate is stagnant. I have been here for 5 months now. I love it, I love the environment and my workload but I am turning in my notice/resignation letter today because the pay is really not enough to finance me and my future law school plans. I got stressed on decision making because i’ve come to love my workmates here, they are all good and accommodating but I also need to chase my dreams. Hay! Walang forever!  The gist of this story is that my stress led to reading slump. Hahahahaha!


That’s pretty much everything I have to share. I am on a hunt for a job now, I hope the stress won’t lead me to yet again another reading slump. Oh, good Lord please don’t let it be! Haha! Hopefully, i’ll be able to blog more frequently now. I might also do a giveaway one of these days. Keep an eye out! 🙂


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