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#BookwormsUnitePH Recap!

Bookworms Unite PH is an event organized by Filipino book bloggers for everyone who loves reading, with or without blog, as long as you do love reading, you are welcome to attend. It is on its 2nd year now and basically, it is a book conference or a bookworm meetup for bloggers and readers. The main objective of the event is to have fun and meet new people sharing the same love for books.

There are different games such as Word Soup from Hell (It stayed true to its name because it was so hard!!! I only found one word. Haha!), Trivia Game, Cover Guessing Game, Literary Bingo and Jumbled Words.

We also had book blind date and a raffle where everyone got to bring home a book. Also, winners from every games is awarded with, of course, a book or books! πŸ™‚

I came to the event with Kat. It was a very spontaneous decision. I crammed everything! Hahaha! I was not even familiar with the place and the weather is not that good but it was really worth it because I had loads of fun! I am so happy to meet a lot of bookworm friends which I only interact online. So good to finally put a face on those twitter handles.

I also met Ms. Honey de Peralta of Penguin Random House and was so glad that we’ve been teammates during the games. We named our team Pokemon Go. Haha! Hey! The games were double hard for us since we are not so into YA but we still won the Cover Guessing Game! Yay! I shared a table too with the people behind Book Bed. They are so good and friendly!

13647099_741651182642689_1699562601_o     13589029_741651822642625_515717387_o

Now on to my favorite part……. Letting you guys see what I got from this event aside from BU hangover. Lol.


I got two books from the Book Blind Date, one from Cover Guessing Game and one from the raffle. Thank you, Kat for letting me trade the Vampire Academy to Am I Normal Yet. πŸ™‚ I also got signed bookmarks. I love everything that’s signed by an author. β™₯

Overall, the event was a blast and I loved everything about it. From the venue to games to prizes. Kudos to the organizers and may this continue for several years. Thank you also to all the sponsors! πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “#BookwormsUnitePH Recap!

  1. Yaaaaay! I’m glad you had much fun, Jam! It’s really nice to be in a room surrounded by bookworms and, just, the general love for books, isn’t it? And as for the YA-focused games, I’m sorry we failed to reflect the wider landscape of the bookish community.

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  2. Jam! Thank you so much for coming to BU, and I’m glad you had fun! Sorry, we weren’t able to snag a photo, but we’ll remedy that the next time we see each other! Also, have fun reading Safe Haven! It’s one of my favorite Nicholas Sparks novel! πŸ™‚

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