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  • Title: Our Demons, Best Friends
  • Author: Diana T. Scott
  • Series: Half of Me (Book 1)
  • Genre: New Adult Contemporary
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publication Date: May 10, 2015
  • ISBN: 9781511942867
  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
  • Buy: Amazon


Synopsis Ribbon

“Ava and Sebastian are two medical residents who in a perfect world, would really like each other. But both of them are closely watched by their demons. Their baggage is not light – Ava has hers carefully folded in vacuum bags to occupy as little room as possible; Sebastian wears his like a lead armor that makes him slouch sometimes. They like each other, but how are their demons going to get along?”

My Thoughts Ribbon

First thing is, the prologue is very reader-engaging. You would be hooked and would want more of the story and I think that is what prologues are for. Our Demons, Best Friends prologue served its purpose.

The story follows Ava and Sebastian, both medical residents who got to know each other because they both practice in the same hospital. Ava has an eye for Sebastian who seem to be mysterious and hides a dark background. In the course of their residency, they both unlocked each other’s pasts and got along well. The catch? Sebastian just flipped and sent mixed signals to Ava.

Since all the characters in the story are on their medical residency already, I assumed this is a new adult genre but while I was reading it, the behaviors and attitudes of the characters mimics that of a young adult. It kind of disturbed me a bit.

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  • Title: Love Me While I’m Gone
  • Author: Diana T. Scott
  • Series: Half of Me (Book 2)
  • Genre: New Adult Contemporary
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publication Date: November 20, 2015
  • ISBN: 9781519272775
  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
  • Buy: Amazon


Synopsis Ribbon

“For a very long time, my biggest accomplishments had nothing to do with what I really wanted. When I decided to give up my mother’s dream and fight for my own, I never imagined choosing one dream could put me on the path of the one I never knew I wanted – meeting him. Collin. He quickly went from a friend to a companion, to soul mate, to heartbreak. After he left Chicago, leaving me with nothing more than a text message, I only had one sane choice – to act like he never existed and go on with my life. A ghost can’t break your heart. But now he’s back and he’s prepared to prove me otherwise. Is it possible to love someone against your will?”

My Thoughts Ribbon

This is a stand alone book 2 of the Half of Me series. Quite confusing? When we say stand alone book 2, it means it is a part of the series but can also be read alone even if you haven’t read the books before it. But of course, the reading journey would be much more exciting if you read it by series.

The story follows Emily and Collin’s. These two shared something in the past but their thing was cut off short when Collin disappeared abruptly without even an explanation or a personal good bye to Emily. They had no communication for the past two years which left Emily brokenhearted. In the course of her moving on, Collin just suddenly appeared with the hopes of rekindling their hanging love story.

It’s a second chance romance, a bit cliche but also has its unique points. I personally like how Diana wrote this one. The storyline, the references, the character crossovers are very well integrated to the other books of the series. You could really see the hard work of the author for this series and I commend her for that.

Unlike the first book, this one tackles more about forgiveness and the importance of sisterly bonding. It is much more lighter than the first one and is a very good read if you are looking for something fast-paced and an engaging read.

I am so glad I read it cover to cover because the last part? Dang! It’s a treat! I was found smiling all throughout. I swoon! I could read those last few chapters everyday and still get the same feeling of giddiness and happiness. This is so good that I think it just kicked the book 1 from my fave Half of Me series book.



  • Title: Color Me Yours
  • Author: Diana T. Scott
  • Series: Half of Me (Book 3)
  • Genre: New Adult Contemporary
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publication Date: August 7, 2016
  • ISBN: 9781535167550
  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
  • Buy: Amazon


Synopsis Ribbon

“What happens if you wake up one morning and you don’t recognize the person staring back at you in the mirror? When you throw yourself into a relationship so deeply, it swallows you whole and spits you out a totally different person? A person you don’t particularly like… For Paige, it takes ten minutes to decide she needs to go back to Chicago, the first place she ever called home and the last she felt like herself in. The place where she’ll find a purpose and friends she never knew she needed. But what if her best friend starts to see her before she sees herself? Can she trust him to search between scattered pieces and handpick the ones that belong only to her?”

My Thoughts Ribbon

When I started this book, my first impression was: “Wow! Diana’s writing style improved a lot!” The story centers around Paige and Miles who are working in the same hospital and are living together in the same apartment. Along the latter part of the story, I got a bit bored because for me it is kinda redundant. A lot of scenes happened in the past two books and was only told on different POVs. Nevertheless, i’m rating this four stars because I still enjoyed it. I love Miles! 🙂


We find the college and the floor we’re supposed to be on just in time. When we get to the second floor, there are six more people waiting outside the classroom, everyone talking in pairs. The teacher opens the door and motions for everyone to come inside.

“Please, take a seat wherever you like,” she says, then goes to the front of the medium-sized room. The place looks like a normal classroom, except the desks are individual, taller and made out of wood, and there is no desk for the teacher. On either side of the room are sculptures, all in different stages of the process. I want to look at them closer, but everyone is already in their seats. Miles silently asks me where should we sit and I choose one desk closer to the windows. He follows me and takes the one next to mine. They’re close enough that we could talk if needed. Or allowed.

“Hello, everyone, and welcome to Introduction to Sculpting!” the teacher begins. “My name is Alexandra, but you can call me Lexi. I’ll be your teacher for the next couple of hours.” Now that I’m here, I’m actually really excited. I’ve always wanted to try something like this. Art, in general, has always interested me.

I turn to Miles and beam at him. He chuckles silently and turns around to pay attention to the teacher speaking.

“Since this is your very first class, we should begin with a small introduction of the objects you all have in front of you.”

I look at the things on my desk and see a big plastic container full of clay and a few instruments by its side. Lexi tells us all about the different types of clay and why she chose this particular oil-based one for our first session, and then she proceeds to explain what the instruments are called and when should we use them. I find it all so extremely interesting, I barely acknowledge the presence of anybody else around me. Except Miles. I steal glances his way whenever I hear something particularly fascinating, trying to gauge his reaction to it all. Is he enjoying this as much as I am?

“Now that you have the basic info, we should get started with the fun part,” Lexi says. She makes us take a blob of clay the size of our fists from the plastic container in front of us and knead it until it’s soft and malleable. Meanwhile, she speaks.

“Let’s talk about the human anatomy for a bit,” she begins.

“Now this part we should be good at,” Miles leans towards me and says, making me laugh.

“We do have an advantage here,” I agree, nodding.

“When I say ‘nose’ or ‘ear,’” Lexi continues, “everyone has an image popping into their heads. There isn’t any doubt we’re all thinking about the same thing, right? But how much attention do we actually pay to these small body parts? Enough to know every detail, every crease? Enough to be able to sculpt it?”

Miles and I, as confident as we were a second ago, look at each other wide-eyed.

“Let’s see. How about we all try to sculpt a nose?” Lexi asks. “I’ll work right by your side.” She takes a seat at one of the desks and starts molding some clay.

“Hmm.” Miles turns my way. “Whose nose should I make?”

Everyone has started whispering and giggling while trying to sculpt noses, so I don’t feel the need to remain silent, either.

“Your own, probably,” I tell him.

“Yeah, I don’t think so.” He gets up from his desk and moves it a few inches closer to mine. Now our elbows are touching. He puts an elbow on his workspace, his head resting on his hand, and stares at me for a good couple of minutes. I try my best to ignore him and mold the clay in front of me in the shape required, but it’s practically impossible with him staring at me like that.

“Stop staring at my nose!” I whisper-shout, making him laugh. “I can’t focus!”

“No, no,” Lexi says, making us both look her way. We didn’t even hear her approaching us. “That’s good. Look at each other; observe the size, the details.”

“See?” Miles says. “The teacher says I can stare at you for as long as I want.” He smirks at me and moves even closer.

This class is doomed to fail, I think to myself.



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Writer of Our Demons, Best Friends, Love Me While I’m Gone and Color Me Yours. Perpetually sleep deprived, but never sorry. I am a colorful mix of the things I love. Chocolate eclairs. The sound of a guitar. The first snow of the year. Sleeping on freshly washed sheets. The smell of a new book. Manbuns. Using rock-paper- scissors to settle an argument. Old, washed up jeans. Comfort food. Old people acting like kids. The ocean. My dog. My family.

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