Life updates and ramblings

It’s been three months since I graduated from college and been spat out from this real world called jungle. Lol! When I was still in my undergrad years, I used to pray to God every night, “Lord, pwede po bang pag-gising ko graduate na ako?”  And from then on, I understood what the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for”. Hell, if you would ask me? I would whole-heartedly go back to the confines of the four corners of the college classroom where my only main problem every week are the school requirements which are do-able than to be out in this wild alone with no supervisions or whatsoever.

I got a job even before I graduated and started fending for myself. It’s a legit Good bye, allowance! It was hard, challenging but fulfilling. I’d always wanted to be independent and help my parents financially. For me, it was an achievement. I was happy with this job but I felt like something was lacking. There is limited growth in there and I wanted to explore more of my field. So I resigned and looked for another job.

Lo and behold, the job I got and the workplace is synonymous to hell. Haha! It felt like such a big burden. It was not a friendly work environment and I was starting to get depressed at that time. So yep, I left again.

Jam tip: If you ever find a job with nice co-workers and boss, do not let it go away. Hold on to it. Also, pag hindi ka na masaya, BITAW na! 

Fortunately, I was like a job interview magnet. Thank you, Jobstreet! I always get invited to different companies and I find a new job the day after I resigned from my second one. YEYYYY!!!

Along with having a decent job, I enrolled myself to Law School because I will never get enough of new learning and I like torturing myself. Hahaha! So I will probably blog here less often. My novel reading will also be lessen and will be replaced with non-fiction stories a.k.a cases. The next coming months will surely be bloody and tiring….


Nevertheless, PAGOD PERO MASAYA!

On bookish news:

A few weeks back, we decided to form a book club dedicated to New Adult books. I have been scouting for this kind of book club but couldn’t find any. So when Bea invited me to be a member, I instantly said yes.

What we do? Monthly read-alongs of New Adult books and discussing it afterwards.


If you guys would like to join on our read-alongs, feel free to hit me up or use the hashtags #NALitLoversPH or #NewAdultAndBeyondPH. We are just winging this and this is new to us so I hope we can up this to a whole new level, next time! 🙂



HOLY MOLY YOU GUYS!!!! I received a book mail from Penguin Random House! PRH! It’s PRH!!!! Who would not freak out on that?! Gosh! I was so, so happy when I got it! Hahahaha! Okay, enough… Here’s a picture:


That’s it. I’m done. Hahaha!




7 thoughts on “Life updates and ramblings

  1. I’ve been looking for a group for NA fans that’s local! This is so cool! Do you guys think I could join in? I’d love to be in it. ❤ And congrats on graduating and getting a job real soon! I didn't get a job until a year and a half after graduating, but the wait was worth it. I love my job. Hope you enjoy yours! 🙂 Good luck!

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  2. Ate Jaaaam. You’re really so cool! To be honest, as a college student, I feel the same way. I want to graduate immidiately and be on my own. But I also know it wouldbe harder than what I thought. So what I need to do is to just enjoy these years in hell a.k.a uni because the jungle a.k.a real world is more hellish than what I could imagine. Lmao. Thanks for reminding me that and good luck on law school, Ate Jam! I know you can do great!


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