Rating System


A NEW FAVORITE! The book was perfection and I enjoyed it so much it gave me book hangover. I will shove this book to anyone asking or not asking for book recommendations. It was too good to pass it up. Re-reads will highly be occurring in the next few days.


NEARLY PERFECT but for some reason, it still bear flaws and needed improvements nevertheless, I still enjoyed it. Yes, i’ll recommend it to others.


PRETTY GOOD. I enjoyed some parts and got bored on others. This one falls on “okay” reads.


NOT FOR ME. It may be because it didn’t fall under my preferred genres or the writing style isn’t really up my alley and yeah, I didn’t enjoyed it.


A DEFINITE NO! I just did not loved nor liked it and I would not recommend it to anyone.


For books falling under this rating, I will give my thoughts on why I stopped reading it.